Trouble Setting Up Ropieee Software on Raspberry Pi 4

Using Raspberry Pi as Roon endpoint. Issues with setup. Flashed the card ok and put card in Pi and was able to find the pi using “ropieee.local”. Then it asked me to complete information for the setup {i.e. USB, time, etc). Then it said to ave and reboot. I then rebooted and it just kept a quick green light for over 30 minutes. I tried to reboot again and nothing. I tired to locate pi again via “ropieee.local” but would not search for pi. I now see a solid red on the right light and the left light is flashing yellow.

What do I do not to try to get the ropieee to work with the pi? Appreciate any help.

I would appreciate any assistance since this is the first time using a pi and trying to install the Ropieee software.

Thanks for considering to help. @support

Hi @Greg_Edwards.

Are you able to check your network for the IP address and try to access the RoPieee web gui that way? Fing works well on a mobile device.

Nathan thanks for the input. I did try Fing and was not able to see the Pi.
Thanks Greg

Just to be sure, I’d swap SD cards and try the install again. Otherwise it sounds like a Pi issue.

Nathan thanks you very much for your help. I am new to the Pi and Ropieee. I thought it might of been something I did when I try to do the initial setup. So I thought I might erase/re-flash the card and try to reload the card on the Pi. The question I have is do I need to erase the SD card or can I just re-flash the card without erasing the card. If that does not work then I would try a new SD card.

Thanks again for your help.


Etcher replaces the entire card, so just re-flash. I still use SDFormatter to erase first because of habit, but don’t tell anyone.

Make sure you download the latest image. And, make sure your networking to the Pi is good (cable, switch, router). Don’t setup WiFi until you have configured and rebooted a few times.

You can’t break RoPieee through the web GUI, so it wasn’t something you did.

Nathan thanks for the help. I will try to re-flash tomorrow morning and if that does not work I will try a new card as you suggested. Will let you know the results. Thanks again for your help. Greatly appreciated. Greg

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Sometimes it might just be a bad connection on the SD card in the RPi and a few reinsertion will resolve it…contacts oxidise over time. but I always try a different card as first step with a reflash.

FYI I run about 10 or so RPi Ropieee endpoints in my setup. 99.9% of the time its setup and forget…but I do go around the GUI’s every now and then and do updates. I run all mine with the XL version so Airplay and Spotify work for anyone in the house.

Mr. Fix it, thanks for your comments. I will try to ensure connection is good.
Thanks Greg

Nathan, re-flashed sd card and ran ropieee. Was able to find Pi when I ran “ropieee.local”. I then setup ropieee as requested. I then re-booted ropieee and then could not find Pi via “ropieee.local”. Is this typical? I had copied the IP address when setting up ropieee and ran the IP address and found the Pi. So I think I am OK.

Sounded like you have a number of Pi’s. Your suggestion, I have the Pi 4.B. Would you suggest running with Ethernet or WiFi for best sound? No hat on Pi at this time.

Again, thanks so much for your kind help.


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Hi @Greg_Edwards,

I suggest you start with a wired connection as it’s the most simple one. WiFi only complicates things :wink:

Anyways, after installation you state that it works. Have you changed the hostname? Because at that point it’s no longer reachable at ‘ropieee.local’ but ‘greg’s new hostname.local’.

If this is your first Pi I would suggest you leave it as it is and start playing some music :wink:

Kind regards,

Harry thanks for your wisdom. I now understand the hostname and login. THANKS. I did change the hostname to reflect the room with the ropieee.

I will go with he wired connection now as you suggest. Appreciate your help.


It funny, but I naturally went for wired but after trying wifi I preferred the sound, I know crazy! :laughing:

Tim thanks for providing your experience. Greatly appreciated. As I get familiar with the Pi/ropieee I will try the wifi. Thanks Again.


Hello @Greg_Edwards,

I use wired for everything other than my Raspberry Pi Zeros. As Harry suggests, keep it simple and start enjoying your music.

What are you running on the zero’s…just curious :nerd_face:

Lighttpd. :rofl:

Just in case others are wondering ropieee and more importantly roon bridge won’t run on a pi zero. Diet pi will tho…also most zero hats will run on a pi3/4

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Nathan, did not realize there is a Raspberry Pi Zero. What I can gather it is a lighter version of a regular Pi. Probably won’t do anything now with a Zero but for future reference would like to know the following?

1- Is Zero SQ as good as a normal PI?
2- Assume that Zero only operates via Wifi (no ethernet)?
3- Is it more difficult to set up than normal Pi (i.e. software setup)?
4. Any other difference between Zero and normal Pi worth mentioning?

Again, thanks for you kind help.


You can’t run it as a roon endpoint…I thought I made that clear above. Don’t bother buying it for roon user ropieee.

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