Trouble with McIntosh DA1 or DA2, Anyone?

Auralic is “reporting” trouble with McIntosh DA1 or 2. See below:
Auralic Community:


Just received from Auralic Support the news that with the McIntosh DAC Series C and D the problem is to lie with McIntosh in the exchange of data and is disconnected to McIntosh DAC’s of the USB outcome of auralic G1 and also with G2. Get my board switched from auralic now, but with McIntosh the problem remains!

Actually, an indictment of an apparatus of this price range.

Would like to take the view and the actions of others who experience a McIntosh Dac with auralic G1 or G2.

I think it’s bad news for McIntosh to get a bad news of Auralic.

Anyone having problems? This could be more of a problem for Auralic. I’m still in the market for something else.

Is this different that the pops/silence/click issue the McIntosh DACs had with resolution/format changes, specifically to DSD? Stayed away from the D1100 due to that.

I’m not having problems with my Mc DAC. Auralic is reporting, using very confusing language as you can see above. McIntosh seems to always get the blame, but no one seems to be complaining since there has been no rush to post here.

DA-2 for direct purchase

It appears that you can buy the DA-2 directly without your dealer being involved. Likely, this does not meet with approval of the Boys From Binghamton.

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