Trouble with T+A DAC8DSD - drops on all drivers and crash on ASIO


I corresponded with Erik Stewart from and he directs me here.
I bought Roon member for year, but I have problem with my DAC8DSD.

I use 2 drivers form producer - ASIO (with DSP and upsampling on DSD that I changed from 64 to 512) and WASPI (without DSP) all parameters on default. I saw proposal settings on this forum with settings and I use the same.

On ASIO drivers oftener but also on WASPI drivers I have breaks and my T+A DAC8DSD show me “no signal”. I did not have this on Tidal direct.

On both drivers I hear small “drops” (like a pauses but very very very short), on ASIO drivers often, on WASPI drivers less but it is annoying.

Computer configuration - motherboard Asus B250i, I5 7400T, 16GB RAM, HDD 256GB SSD, windows 10, new configuration without any application and with all updates.

Can you help me? Right now this is big disappointment.

Hello @Grzegorz_Baranowski,

Thank you for this report, we are investigating this using our in-house Roon Tested hardware.

We’re going to enable diagnostics on your account in order to get a closer look at things. Could you let me know what time (local time) you see this behavior next so we can look at the diagnostic logs for that period?


Hi John,
Thank you for reply!
I will arrange our testing and send you appointment by email.

About subject - I found few interesting things:

  1. USB cable influences on quality, specially in DSD512 - I changed on shorter and was better
  2. Environment where the cable USB is, influences on quality of signal, specially in DSD512 - I changed output USB from back of computer (where are WiFi antennas, power cables and HDMI cable) on front (where is only small USB antenna for keyboard) and I took out DAC from shelf to floor and was better.
  3. I changed DSD from 512 to 256 and was better.
    But the most interesting is, that at end I returned all above points to previous state and Roon worked better. It can be, that I didn’t test enough after, because of less time for hearing, but I foud 3 points to improve my system.

Hi @john
I probably know what happened, I saw that on standard setup the core capability on DSD512 is about 0,7 so the sound was with defect. I tried and found new settings that works with 1,2 -1,3 on DS512 - I set multicore processor. I found, that on DSD256 on single core I have 1,2 and on multicore I have 2,4. So if the multicore improve capability twice, then I can set this on DSD512 and it works!

Hello @Grzegorz_Baranowski,

I’m glad to hear you have things up and running. I’m going to leave this thread open, feel free to post again if you continue to see issues. Enjoy!