Troubleshoot issue adding Synology NAS "music" folder as storage in Roon (ref#5U0WS5)

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

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I'm not able to add the "music" folder on my Synology NAS as a storage location in Roon (running on a Mac with the latest MacOS. Hence, Roon cannot access the music stored on the NAS.

On the Mac, I have enabled file share by adding the "music" folder on the NAS to the shared folders. Furthermore, I have enabled the SMB service. As a consequence, I can actually access the "music" folder on the NAS via the network on the Mac. Hence, this connection seems to work in principle. To access the NAS, I have used the log-in details I normally use to log-in to the NAS.

On the Synology NAS (DSM 7.2), I have also enabled the SMB service.

On Roon, I went to "Settings", "Storage location", there I clicked on "Add Folder", then on "Add network share". Under "Network share location" I entered the location as follows: "smb://192.168.0.XXX/music". Then I used the username and the password I use to log-in to my NAS. Then I clicked on "Add network share".

I'm then getting the error message "unexpected error".

I should mention that 2-factor-authentication is activated on the Synology NAS. I thought that this might be the problem. Hence, just for testing I added a new administrator to Synology called "Roon", having full read and write permits and disabled the 2-factor-authentication for this user. I tested whether I can log-in to the NAS with these credentials, which perfectly worked.

In Roon, I then repeated the above procedure with the new user "Roon". However to no avail. I got the same error message.

Describe your network setup

My Mac Mini, on which Roon core is running, is connected via LAN and a Synology switch to my Synology RS822. The NAS has a fixed IP address.

This looks correct if “music” is the name of the share on the synology NAS. On the other hand, if you have a share with a folder called “music” within the share, then you will have to use a form like “smb://192.168.0.XXX//music”. (Incidentally, you don’t have to hide ip addresses in the 192.168.x.y range. Allowing other to know them does not compromise security or privacy).

The user name and password are not necessarily the same as those that you use to login to the Synology for admin purposes. Rather they are the user name and password of one of the users that you have created in the “User & Group” section of the Synology Control Panel and which has read/write permissions to the share in question.

The 2-factor authentication should not have any bearing on this. It is to do with access to the Synology administration account. It does not relate to smb shares within the local network.

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The problem has been solved. I actually made a stupid mistake with the network address.

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