Truncated Signal Path3

The signal path information is now truncated on my S21 Ultra.

Wha happen?

Hi Kursten,

Truncated in what way? The signal path you posted shows Roon passing the file unaltered to the Mytek. How does the Mytek get the stream, is it connected via Ethernet? USB? Different connections methods provide different levels of DAC feedback to Roon.

Truncated in the sense that not all information is shown in the Source line. You can see that it fades out at MQA 96… It used to show the whole source information.

The mytek is connected to my core via ethernet.

Ah, that is just how Roon fades text lines which are too long for the allotted space.

Hi @Kursten_Hogard — I believe this is expected behavior if the display area isn’t big enough for the text being displayed, but I’ve passed this along to the team for consideration. Thanks for the feedback!