Trying to delete Tidal Albums No Tags

I’m trying to clean up my Roon. I imported a ton of Tidal albums when I started my trial. Now I want to get rid of them. I’ve read support articles on this. My problem is that I show no tags whatsoever when I click the icon to start the process.
What am I missing?
Also I’m still in trial, not full member.

When you say no tags. What process are you following?

It says while you are in yhe Albums section click on the Tag icon and it should show you a list of different ones that you have. They should associate with different genres that I downloaded from Tidal thru Roon.

Ok. Go to Albums then select Focus.
Then from the bar selectors on the right select Format then Tidal.
That will give you a list of all of your Tidal albums.
Select as many as you want and then select Edit from the top right of the screen and Delete Albums from the drop down list.


Hello @Benjie_Edmonson,

I wanted to follow up with you here and see if @ged_hickman1’s suggestions have worked for you. If you require more assistance with this issue please just let me know.