Trying to download Roon, getting error Virus detected

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Can’t get Roon to download, getting error Virus detected!

Please post the screenshot of the virus message you get and tell us what file you are downloading (Windows, Mac, Server, Full Roon, etc.)

Note that there is currently an issue with Windows Defender flagging false positives for all kinds of software.

You can also upload the downloaded installer file into VirusTotal where it will be scanned with approx. 60 different virus scanners:

Roon Download problem

I am trying to download Roon for Windows to my PC using the free trial button from the Roon website.

I did the virus scan and it came back clean, although some of the different virus scanners reported as unrated and not as clean like most of them.

I also tried to download Roon from another site and this is the result I got. A lot of Antivirus software seems to be flagging the Roon software download as suspicious.

Why would you download Roon from another site than Roon’s? I don’t know what these files are on other sites, who knows if they were altered. They may well be suspicious but that’s not really relevant because why would you use them.

Generally, you have to understand what supposed detections mean, not just the “virus detected” labels without any details. Virus scanners use lots of methods, some more and some less reliable. Like I said, Windows Defender (if that’s what you are using) is currently causing lots of false positives, I had that happen to us at work, too. There will be more information somewhere in your virus checker, like what exactly it thinks to have detected, then you can look that up.

Of course I cannot rule out that the file was infected on your computer after download, either. You can check the digital signatures on the file (right-click > Properties) to see if the file was changed after it was digitally signed by Roon. (But then VirusTotal would catch that after uploading the file)

I am not quite sure how you got the “Unrated”, when I upload the file to VirusTotal I get:

and the list looks somewhat different than yours, I get “undetected” (i.e. no virus detected) for 62 tests and 6 that could not process the file type (.exe)

EDIT: Ah I see, you used the URL for the download, I actually downloaded the file and uploaded it to VirusTotal, which leads to slightly different tests and presentation. When using the URL, it checks if the URL was reported as malicious, and some services have no rating for it, hence “unrated”.

I uploaded the file, so the actual file is scanned for viruses, which is a different thing. In any case, neither was the URL reported as malicious no did any of 68 virus scanners find an issue with the file, so …

If you are not convinced you can also submit the file to Microsoft:

I tried downloading Roon from another site because that was a suggestion from somewhere on the internet. It definitely wasn’t working from the Roon site. I tried disabling the firewall, adding exceptions to the exclusion list, and even turning off real time protection. It fails every time. I’m beginning to think I just need to let my two week trial end and give up on Roon. It shouldn’t be this hard. I am trying to install using Microsoft Edge browser. I also tried Chrome browser with the download from the Roon site and got the exact same error. I’m about out of idea to try.

I have resolved the problem. I first tried to download something else (Firefox browser) just to see if it was detecting a virus with just the Roon installer or other installers also. The Firefox installer was giving the same virus detected error. I happened to notice that McAfee Web Advisor was running a virus check on the file. This would happen so quickly you could barely see it flashing across the top of the screen. I had McAfee on my PC but the subscription had ran out a couple of years ago and I hadn’t renewed it. I didn’t understand why it would be scanning the file. I then went to Control Panel and removed McAfee from the PC. Rebooted the PC and all downloads are working correctly now. Roon is downloaded, as is Qobuz. Thanks for taking the time in trying to help me resolve this issue. Everything is good now.


Great. Outdated security tools are worse than none :slight_smile: Glad you found and sorted it

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