Trying to play anything just see the available tracks spin by [Resolved]

For the past week or so, no matter what I pick, music that is in my library - stored on the same machine - forced rescan, all the track titles flash by and nothing plays.

Has been happening for a few days - I am on Windows 10 on a number of machines that connect to the same core (note - this is different from the OpenGL issue I just posted which only impacts one machine)

I’ve had the same issue a few times, each time a reboot of the core fixed it.

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Hi @Nick_Katsivelos ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would definitely give the suggestion made by Chris (“thebiglebowski”) a go. Rebooting your core along with along with any other relevant gear is always a good place to start. Furthermore, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the exact details of your setup, using this link, as a guide. I want to have a better sense of the gear you’re working with :sunglasses:


Rebooted all machines - no change

My Home Server
Windows 10 64bit (running released version of Windows)
Roon Core and Server
No Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard - Remote Desktop Access
Music stored here in two folders one for MP3 and one for FLAC
Usually run Roon Server on this machine
Realtek Audio on Motherboard out to Mackie mixer and then to powered monitors
Wired to wifi/router

Other machines accessing
Windows 10 64 Bit - some running pre-release Windows builds (insider Fast Ring)
Using wifi

One of these machines (main machine - SurfaceBook with Docking station) is connected to a Komplete Audio 6 interface which also outputs ASIO to the mixer)
Wired to network router

What do you mean when you say this? Roon Core, as people sometimes inappropriately refer to the main program modules which is called simply Roon on the download page, contains the Roon Server functionality.

Do you mean you have what is referred to as simply ‘Roon’ on the download page and what is called ‘Roon Server’ on the download page both running on the same machine? This is wrong, you don’t need both.

if you are running the package referred to as ‘Roon’ on the download page, don’t also bring up Roon Server. This doesn’t necessarily cause a problem, but it’s one complication to eliminate.

Good to know - I do indeed have both installed - all I really need is Roon Server (core & output) on my home server - where the music is stored. Will uninstall Roon (control,core, output)

Will see if that helps


Realize that depending on what you were using as core, you may get messages telling you that you need another license, or something to that effect. Don’t worry, it just means that you were using the core that you are no longer bringing up. Just point to the new core, in your case, I guess that would be Server. Your remotes might also be confused by the change.

OK - this problem is now resolved, it seems. Very strange that all had been working until recently.

Thanks all - and let’s close this issue up. Will let you know if anything pops up.

Really appreciate all the help - and the simplification of my setup.


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