Trying to restore backup after PC with Roon Core had to be wiped

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Win10 OS… My PC with the roon core blew up and I had to reinstall Windows. I went through your instructions At the point it says to restore a backup, I tried to point to where my roon db backups are and it keeps saying “There was an error retrieving the backup listing (InvalidRoot)… Please check the backuup folder and try again.”

In the location of my roon backups I see a roon_backup_root file and two folders: b9ab… and RoonBackups. I tried the folder with the root file and each of the other folders. What am I doing wrong?

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It should be the folder above the one containing _roon_backup_root_ and is usually called RoonBackups. It looks like you may have created a backup location within another backup location, since RoonBackups should not appear in the same folder as the b9ab… folder.

Nonetheless, selecting RoonBackups should find the backups… assuming you had previously set up and run scheduled backups.

Thanks Martin - I moved the older RoonBackups folder out of the backup folder and repointed and it worked.

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