Tunein integration please [not on roadmap]

Would be great if you took page out of Bluesounds interface and made it easier to incorporate radio stations.
Just sayin.

It’s cn the way…

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Well then!

I’ll be subscribing for the next year!:wink:

I’ve found your “Roon Radio” feature to be a welcome change from Bluesound/Tidals’ way of doing it.

And, I love discovering new music through your interface. Before it was “ what was the name of that band/ song/album I saw on that forum? Ahhh… never mind” way.

Keep up the good work.

I think you’ll find that TuneIn access will NOT be part of the new Roon radio.

Please support TuneIn. People like me that have a TuneIn account expect be able to acces their favorite radio stations in Roon.

What stations are you missing that can’t be found in Roon?

It’s not that I can’t find stations. What I really like is that TuneIn stores my favorites So I have them ready when I need them, where Roon only shows me stations that I’ve recently played.

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Have you tried the MyLiveRadio section on the main menu , you just add your favourites?

Or am I missing something ?

@blackjack beat me to it :wink:

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Sorry, I don’t follow. You can add stations to your library and these will appear in My Live Radio, allowing you to view all your favourites. You can also add any Tunein stations directly if they are not in our database. See the KB.

EDIT @BlackJack (and @Mike_O_Neill) beat me too

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Closing this out as we are not doing a TuneIn integration.

TuneIn would not work with us, so we just built our own radio directory based on the Roon community’s input and content suggestions. It’s an ongoing “live” project : #live-radio