Turn off autoplay [Answered disable Roon Radio for each zone]

I would like Roon to stop playing when the album or playlist is over, just like if I were playing a record or CD. I don’t want it to start playing other tracks from my collection. I have gone through the settings and cannot find one for this. I couldn’t find anything in the various help sections on the website, either. Can I turn autoplay off?


On the Queue page lower left is the Roon Radio Off/On.


Thank you! I had turned Start Radio off for every function in the Play Actions section of the Settings menu, but there are no settings for the queue in there. I figured it had to be somewhere. Odd that this setting isn’t in the Settings menu.

Got it turned off now. Thanks again!

It’s configurable for each zone, and defaults to on, which can catch people out.

Good to know about configurability for each zone. I do not want autoplay on in my home office, but I could see wanting it on if playing to the living room, where I would generally only use Roon if entertaining. Thanks for the info!

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