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I’m streaming from my core to a NODE2i. I have an AV amp setup so the amp feeds my speakers from whatever input device I’m using for audio, be it TV, Apple TV, CD player, Node2i, etc.

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New to Roon and absolutely loving it so far.

I did hit an issue though… I love the fact that you can display what you’re playing on a Chromecast TV. However, after playing music for some time I started getting worried about screen burn and so decided to switch off the TV. When I did so, the music stopped (it was still progressing, looking at my Roon remote app).

I have my streamer selected as the input and just happen to switch on my TV to allow Roon to chromecast albumn artwork to it. Switching off the TV shouldn’t have any bearing on what’s happeing with audio stream from Roon - Node2i - Amp - speaker.

When I switch the TV off, I can see the track is still playing (in Roon remote app). The amp hasn’t muted. It just stops playing the music.

I had to stop Roon and restart it to fix the issue.

is the TV connected to the AMP via HDMI? You don’t say what amp it is but most AV amps will kill audio when the TV HDMI goes off. same is true for AV processors and AVR’s - in case thats what mean by AV Amp

if you just change the TV to another input does that also affect the audio?

Hey @Allan_Blackburn

Welcome to our Roon Community! You’ve come to the right place for getting help whenever you hit a snag in Roon. We’d be happy to help with this.

This observation is very helpful and is an indicator that your issue lies in your settings on your TV or AVR. Roon is still behaving normally and continuing the stream.

Please check to see if HDMI passthrough is enabled on the AVR. If so, please turn that off. When the TV monitor is turned on it’s creating an audio dependency for that connection. When you turn off the monitor it’s breaking the audio stream.

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