Turning shuffle on/off

Unless I’ve missed it - I’ve looked long and hard - the only way to turn shuffle (and loop) on/off is via the Queue drop down.

Please make the shuffle/loop icons clickable from the play interface.

It’s available now. Go to Settings>Play Actions and set up the option you want to see present when you select the pull down for the Play button icon. You could, for instance, set shuffle up as the default every time you play an albums.
Is there another place you would want to access this?

Hi Scott. Thanks for the response, but that’s even more difficult than using the Queue. As shown below would be ideal.

I believe those 2 options are different, if you go to the Queue and hit Shuffle, it will Shuffle the remaining contents of the Queue, but if you go to an Album and hit Play Shuffled, it will Shuffle the contents of the Album and then add that shuffled list to the bottom of the Queue, which are not the same action.

OK. I just want to choose what I’m listening to to be shuffled or not. The other way is way too many options for something so simple.

This wouldn’t be so necessary if Shuffle weren’t persistent.

Something, I complain about every chance I get -

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Okay. I understand.

Cheers, thanks.

What slim said. It’s the most frustrating “feature” of roon for me. I’m convinced if roon devs used shuffle more they would see how annoying the current behaviour can be. I can hear it though, “Oh it’s a low priority because analytics show people don’t use it much.” Yeah, well, maybe people would use it more if it was not so poorly implemented. Sorry, I can’t resist chiming in whenever it comes up, heh.

We have the option for a custom shuffle play button, so why not make “Play Album” simply always play the album in order. I have yet to hear a convincing rationale for the current design. Shuffle should reset at the end of a queue.

I just noticed this too and it annoys the hell out of me. Forgive me for thinking this is yet one more item that shows the total regard of the developers for classical music lovers.

IMHO, what’s wrong with the persistence of Shuffle can fixed with two or three lines of code.

If Roon would give me the source, I’d do it for them. :laughing:

I don’t think this is disregard for just classical music lovers - I think it’s another example of how so much in Roon is just tacked on here and there as it grows - some things should be universal to all views (like filter imo) and others should be more localized (like shuffle). Hopefully Roon are starting to get the idea and we’ll see some changes in regards to this with the next big update.

I hope you are right, but it wouldn’t be the first idiotic choice the designers made that works to the disadvantage of classical music lovers (like a very imperfect search function). Shuffle should be implemented at the album and playlist level and revert to off when a new album/playlist is started. How hard can that be, especially since just about every other music player has it.

And now we disagree.

Which is, I guess, part of the problem of changing Shuffle.

Shuffle is implemented at the Queue level and I suspect that at least a few people want it on all the time.

I’m someone who uses shuffle continually. I love the variety. In fact, what I don’t like so far as a new Roon user is the way shuffle works in playlists. If I shuffle the playlist, it shuffles the albums in different order, but when it starts a track on an album, it plays the entire album before going to the next shuffled album. I want shuffle to mean shuffling all the tracks in all the albums. I’ve been able to do that with QOBUZ using Bluesound or Amazon music. Am I missing something or is this the way it works? Thanks.

No change to shuffle in new Roon release :frowning:

But listen! Spotify is coming! Sink or swim in Roon-land approacheth.