Two (at least) bands called Goose. All their stuff is mixed up

Since this was such a slow news week at Roon, I figure I’ll use the dead air to submit this metadata issue… :wink:

Not sure how to unpack or fix all this or where the issue lies, so I’ll just report what I’m seeing and we’ll go from there.

Goose #1 is a Belgian band formed in 2000: Goose | Biography, Albums, Streaming Links | AllMusic

Goose #2 (the one I care about) is an American band formed in ~2016 (note that Allmusic doesn’t list all their albums for some reason): Goose | Album Discography | AllMusic

If you go to the Roon artist page for #1, there are albums from #2 mixed in. FWIW, the Songkick tour information is for #2.

All the albums shown in the screenshot above are from Goose #2, despite being on the Roon artist page for Goose #1.

But not all the albums from Goose #2 are listed under Goose #1. There is a Roon artist page for Goose #2 that lists these other albums. (And there is no Songkick tour info.)

So, not sure what other information would be helpful or where these issues need to be resolved (Roon? Allmusic? Tidal/Qobuz?) Happy to provide anything that would be useful…


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The obvious question is: Who’s the goose who named his band after the band Goose? Was it Bruce?

I think they were named after a cow

This affects every artist that has the same name as another artist.

It seems to have gotten worse in 1.8.

Goose just released a new album:

And it’s again listed under the wrong band, when you click their name in Roon.

Wrong band:

Correct band:

This is mostly just a bump of this issue, since all the same issues from my OP are still around. e.g. Goose (the jamband from Connecticut) has live shows announced for this May, which are showing up in the Songkick section for Goose (the electronica band from Belgium who doesn’t seem to have been active in almost a decade).

Hi @jtnt . Sorry for the delay. This is a Qobuz mix-up. The Belgian band (Qobuz link here) has, I think, all of the Connecticut band’s albums:

  • “2020.10.03 Swanzey, NH (Live)”
  • “2019.11.16 Buffalo, NY (Live)”
  • “Night Lights”
  • “Ted Tapes 2021"
  • “Alive and Well”
  • “Moon Cabin”
  • “Bingo Tour”

I’ve asked them to create a new artist ID and move these albums.

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No worries at all. I seem to remember something big happening in the Roon world recently that might have put your attention on bigger issues… :slight_smile: