Two different artists with same name credited as primary artist for Ghost - Impera

I’m wondering if there is a way I can remove an incorrect duplicate primary artist credit for the album Impera by Ghost. In the credits it lists the primary artist as Ghost from Japan, then under “also performs on” is a primary artist credit for the correct Ghost from Sweden. The album doesn’t appear under “albums in my library” for either artist page, but rather appears as an “appearance in my library” for both artists. This also results in both bands appearing in my “your top artists” list under “what you’ve been listening to” on my Roon home screen.

I’ve tried editing the credits… removing both credits results in both primary artist credits appearing under “Credited on Impera” and removing both credits then adding the correct one back in reverts the credits to their original form, with the incorrect Ghost as “Credited on” and the correct Ghost as “Also performs on” - Obviously it’s not the biggest issue as I can find and play the album quite happily, but seeing the incorrect credit in my top artists lists and not being able to figure out the correct method/order of credit edits to fix things is beginning to irritate me.

FYI, in removing an artist credit from an Album, you have to remove it at the album level AND at each individual track level.

Thanks Daniel… Now as long as I don’t look at the discography for Ghost, where some random rap and reggae from Tidal is credited to the Ghost I listen to, everything looks fine :slight_smile:

Hey @Simon_Smith2,

Thank you for the report on this, we appreciate the heads up. I see @Rugby has provided a how-to on editing tracks and albums.

I also wanted to let you know that we’ve reached out to our metadata providers to request a correction. We can’t provide a timeline for how quickly they’ll respond but they typically get to our requests fairly quickly. Thanks again for letting us know!

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