Two Features Not Working Correctly

I’ve noticed on my Roon setup two features now giving me trouble. One is with the desktop app. The other is my iPhone. With the desktop, on an iMac, when going to an artist page, you’re presented a Play Now option similar too Tidal and Spotify, where random songs from the artist library are played. When I click on Play Now via that tab as opposed to Play Now on an album or song, nothing happens. I. enjoy this feature for quick access of songs from an artist I’m not familiar with.

The second issue is with my iPhone. I usually use Albums for navigating my options. I’m adding new albums to my collection on a consistent basis. In order to help remind me of the new albums in my collection, I choose Sort By Date Added in the dropdown. Usually this dropdown stays put to where I left last time I used it. So more or less, it always displays Sort By Date Added. Now it’s requiring me to select Sort By Date Added most every time I use the phone to select a new album.

Version is 1.08 build 806

Hello @Devin_Dahlgren,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing what’s causing trouble. We’d love to do all we can to help. Let’s get started:

  1. You mentioned your iMac when using Roon. Is this your Roon Core, or a remote device? Are you referring to the Play Now button displayed on the artist page (and image). See below an example of the Amy Winehouse artist page:

  1. Are you saying that you were able to always return, on your Roon Remote (iPhone) to the Sort by Date Added screen, but now, you have to select that sorting? If so, could you please try:
  • Uninstalling the Roon Remote app
  • Restarting the iPhone
  • Reinstalling the Roon Remote app

Thanks :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

Thanks for your follow-up. My Core is a Mac Mini. My complaint is my iMac which is a remote device.

  1. Yes. The Play Now button displayed on the artist page is the problem. I’ve been experimenting with this issue and have found that’s it’s only with certain artists’ pages. For example, I tried the Amy Winehouse example you attached and it wouldn’t work. Then I gave The Beatles a shot. Nope, wouldn’t work. But Led Zeppelin did work. So did Moon Duo, a really small act compared to these first ones. I tried Ariana Grande, Anne-Marie, The Beach Boys, and John Mayer with no luck. However, if I try any of these artists’ specific albums, they all play as they should. I then tried on multiple smaller artists, and many worked just fine. So it seems it’s more of a certain artist’s issue than a general issue.

  2. I’ll do what you requested regarding my iPhone and keep you posted.