Two/Four-legged acoustical treatments (post your critters!) [2024]

“OK, it’s finally here. Now, I just gotta find the box cutter.”



Hey Tim…Is your cat using that Component for a heater? Hope she does not get her nose too close to those tubes…

IKR :sweat_smile: she’s on the amp about to burn her nose! I have had to place some ‘uncomfortable’ ornaments on it instead!

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Pets aren’t just for Christmas, Jonathan is my new baby…only two legs though…:grin:


Someone heard the tunes from outside.


I bet you feed it :grin:

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Heck no. We have so many acorns this year that we have had the same family of 4 visit all the time. They have become quite ballsy and do not run far when they are yelled at. My wife went nuts because they were eating one of her shrubs at that moment.


I didn’t say the feeding was voluntary (they are very pretty though)…:joy:


I will contribute my companionable companions, Timo and Gemi (Gemini). They were found abandoned on a sidewalk in Pacifica at an estimated age of only two days! They were turned into to our local humane society and assigned to a mother/daughter foster team who bottle fed the little ones around the clock. They were raised among dogs and cats and kids and eventually found their way into my quiet household. Their only flaw is their size. They turned out to be huge cats. I weighed Timo the other day at 18 pounds and he is not fat. His sister weighs about the same and is just a bit pudgy, but definitely not obese.
Timo is Mr Personality and loves to meet people.
Gemi is more of a pretty brown decoration with a very quiet personality.

And the new addition to the family is Romy, a tiny 6 lb feral cat who I decided to feed because she was black like my first cat. Sylvia was 3/4 Siamese, all black, gone almost 50 years now, and I still feel the loss of this remarkable cat. Anyway, after feeding Romy for about a year, she was finally brave enough to follow about 10’ behind me as I made my way to where I fed her. One day she came close and circled my legs and brushed against me!! Sometimes animals pick someone and she definitely picked me. Eventually, after about a year of v e r y s l o w progress, I was able to pet her. She LOVES to be petted and she has turned into the most loving cat I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, she hates being inside.


This fella, Minx, was interested in your cats. He’s always curious about cats with 9 lives, he’s only got 7 left and his relationship with neighbourhood cats means that number might get reduced…:grin:


IKR :sweat_smile: she’s on the amp about to burn her nose! I have had to place some ‘uncomfortable’ ornaments on it instead!

When I had my vintage Pioneer SX-1050 in service its warmth was irresistible to Gemi. The top is half wood, half grate and she would lie on the grate, Cat hair inside is a huge no no, so I wound up putting carpet tack strips on top the grate. That definitely worked!


So funny how some animals will be interested in pictures or watch TV. Ferg does not care but my parents Corgie will watch nature TV shows.

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Probably coincidence but Minx arrived just as I started looking at @Echolane cats…

Cats can be jealous. A friend of mine had a large Siamese male. She was coming home from work one day and the neighbor’s cat was just outside her house soliciting attention so she bent down to pet it. She saw the curtain move in her window so she knew her cat had watched her pet the neighbor cat. When she came in the door, her cat attacked her and bit her on the leg in two places!


:rofl: That’s cats for you … and why I love them.


Our two occasionally fall out if one gets more attention than the other, fortunately they know not to pick on the human, they’re cats of principle :grin:


Hey Echo,

Thanks for having such a huge HEART!!! I’m sure all your fur babies really appreciate you!



I realize that this is not a competition, but…we rescued a cat years ago. She sought warmth from our (then) Yamaha top of the line A/V receiver. She would eat, sleep on top of the receiver and twice vomited into the top vent, shorting out the electronics. Two $500 repair bills. No good deed goes unpunished.