Two Naim Atoms and Roon is only recognising one of them as Roon Ready


One more sticking point.

I have two Naim Atoms and Roon is only recognising one of them as Roon Ready?

Any ideas?

Are they both running the same firmware? Roon ready was added late 2017 firmware I think.

yes - both running identical firmware

How are they both connected?
If you use a network scanner like fing on IOS do you see both units?

I see both units on Roon - but only one is showing up as Roon ready. Means i cant connect them in the same “group” and listen to the same thing through both Naim’s.

Both units are connected via Ethernet

I assume you are running 4.3 fw? If you just connect one unit at a time can you enable it in Roon and does each one show as Roon ready? Try using the same connection for each unit to keep the test consistent.

This is a bit of a stretch, but your problem sounds slightly like what one might experience if one cloned a DietPi copy and installed it on a 2nd devicei. If your devices are Roon Ready then they must have some form of the Roon bridge and if both of your devices are using the same Roon ID then that would be a problem. It wouldn’t be the first time, that a vendor ( in this case, the vendor being Naim) installed Roon bridge from a cloned copy (assuming, incorrectly, that there would be only one of their devices in any one given system) .

See the discussion in this thread and elsewhere -

It hardly matters, SF, if what you suggest is correct. It is a very good idea.


I think the solution is going to be install/uninstall roon bridge on one of the Naims (per the other community thread).

Sounds like a call into Naim as not sure how to do that. It’s not obvious from the user guide etc.

Before i do that i’ll Check out the other advice about connect/re connect.

Aside from that I don’t know what to do about the other devices. Both Naims are showing up (in their non roon ready versions) but are not playing sound. Only one is and hate the roon ready one.

Other issue is my NAS not being discovered. But I think i’ll park that for the time being.

On the plus side roon looks to be running perfectly on my MAC!

Have completly shut down my Mac and re-started Roon.

Nothing showing up at all - only my PC speakers.

Totally lost now - thought it would be easier than this :(:confounded:

Roon sends out messages on the network to all potential endpoints and they only show up in the Audio list if they have responded to Roon’s query. So, any reason that causes the endpoint to fail to respond, or on the network that blocks the endpoints response will result in the endpoint not being displayed on Roon.

For example, simply turning off an endpoint for example, or, stopping the Roon software on an endpoint. Most commonly, if endpoints just “disappear” en masse, the culprit is usually Firewall or Anti-virus software/settings/or updates. I would as a test turn off all Firewalls and Antivirus on the MAC which is running the Roon Core Server, and see if the endpoints re-appear.


Already had the firewall switched off on my MAC.

For some reason they are showing up again in Roon - not sure why this is. But anyway not complaining!

Both of my Atom’s are showing up but not the Roon Ready versions - only looking like the rest of the endpoints. I have called Naim and asked them about the cloning of Roon bridge. That was x3 days ago and they have still not got back to me :frowning: I am keen to listen to MQA which was my motivation to join Roon in the first place.

Next issue is that when i go to play music Roon turns on both devices but they are playing without sound?

Any ideas?

Here’s how to tell if it’s a cloned bridge problem -

  1. add only device 1 and see how it shows up in Roon.
  2. remove device 1, add only device 2 and see how it shows up in Roon.
  3. after this experiment if both devices show as you would expect when they are in Roon singularly, then it’s probably a cloned bridge problem.


It is 100% a cloned bridge problem.

Just followed your advice and turned off 1 and the other one newly appeared as Roon Ready.

Is this only an issue Naim can sort out for me?

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Great that the problem has been identified.

Be interested to see how Naim fixes it. Is there a USB port that one can load software from or maybe a download from Naim off the internet?

Have they gotten back to you yet? If not you should tell them of the experiment else they might figure you’re just another nut bugging them. In any event, they probably don’t want to deal with it as it upsets their little scheme on how to make their devices Roon Ready.

Good luck. Let us know.

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Hi @Robert_Fielder,

I’ve split out these post in to their own Naim specific topic.

Let’s flag @support to follow up with you / Naim.

Cloned bridge problems only happen with Roon Bridge–Naim integrates the RAAT SDK at a lower level + manages discovery/identity in a different way. Very unlikely that that is the explanation for this.

Did you verify that with units have different IP addresses?


Yes they both have different IP addresses.