Two new Metadata issues that need resolving

Roon Core Machine

I operate Roon on an Antipodes K50, which uses a Linux OS, as part of my 2-channel audio system.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Antipodes K50 has a hard wire (i.e. CAT 7) direct connection to my Router/Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

My K50 is connected to my Lampizator Pacific DAC via USB cable.

Number of Tracks in Library

9411 tracks, mostly hi-rez.

Description of Issue

I have been a relatively happy Roon subscriber for years, but recently the platform has become very glitchy. There are two bigger glitches I will share with you here and I’m looking for a fix. Other Roon users in our audio club are having the same problems.
First, everytime I power off my Antipodes K50 (e.g. to avoid damage during lighting storms), I lose the Roon metadata connection. I have to go through a protracted and annoying re-shutdown and log-off/log-on procedure to fix the metadata loss notice/warning.
Second, the search and album interface for “Tidal access on Roon/Antipodes” is different than “Tidal access directly from my iPad or computer”. For example, the direct Tidal interface on my computer or iPad will show more albums and indicate whether they are “Master” recordings, compared to searches through my Tidal on Roon/Antipodes. The search results from the Tidal on Roon/Antipodes do not show or otherwise indicate whether the album is a “Master” recording in the Tidal library. And yes, I have the premium Tidal service to access its hi-rez recordings.

Welcome to the community, @Ray_Hansen.

It’s preferable to start one issue per thread since it is easier for Roon to track and respond to a single topic.

Nonetheless, it’d be really helpful if you could explain how you power off the Antipodes.

There are a couple of things you can do here. In settings, enable the MQA badge, and also select “Prefer MQA over anything else”.

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I can comment on the restart issue as I too live in a high lightening area and shut down regularly.

Look to the startup process. When I restart, my modem and router come straight on as the modem has no On/Off switch and the router is permanently on . I have no idea why but the actual Internet connection takes literally several minutes to “show” ie the Blue Light in my case.

The answer is restore power to Modem/Router - Brew Tea - Comeback and start the Core PC ONLY once the internet is Up .

I literally shut down and start up daily , often more frequently depending on our Power utility and following this procedure I never see a failure. Cheat and start before the blue light and I do . Roon needs to see its Cloud services as it startup (at least in m y experience) :sunglasses:


The second one …

The Tidal interface is any third party software may well be different to Tidal’s Native app. I have 3 apps that link into Tidal , mConnect, Cambridge Audio StreamMagic and Roon . They all look different both from each other and the native app.

I suspect Tidal release more frequent updates to their native app and hence what 3rd party users see gets out of date until the 3rd part app catches up. Even if Tidal allow the 3rd party developer to use their full “view”

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Hey @Ray_Hansen,

Ben here with the support team, welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you here.

I wanted to quickly check in on this thread, I see both @Martin_Webster and @Mike_O_Neill have provided excellent thoughts and potential solutions to both issues you’ve mentioned. Please let me know if you have any questions beyond this.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :pray:

Hi Martin, Neil and Ben. Thanks for your help. Always appreciated.
My shutdown sequence with my K50, is first turning of the unit from the front switch and waiting until it goes into Standby Mode and then turning off the main power switch at the back of the unit. The power up sequence is the reverse of that procedure. Lately when I power up, a small yellow triangle symbol with an exclamation mark appears in my Roon display. I have to sign out of Roon, power down my K50, Power down my Pacific DAC, power them up again to effect a “handshake” and re-sign into Roon to get things back to normal. Seems excessive and it didn’t used to be that way.

Sorry Mike for not getting your name correct.

Martin if I select the “MQA badge” and then also select " prefer MQA over anything else", then does that limit streaming to MQA over other Hi-res formats on Roon?

Thanks again guys,


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