Two RoPieee Raspberry Pi's?

Does installing a second Raspberry Pi with Ropieee on the same home network create any problems?

No, I have three Ropieee zones, each with a reserved IP via DHCP and a unique hostname.

Thanks Martin, of course you are correct. My second RoPieee Raspberry Pi is now up and running in the guest room. I’m camping happy!

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Just don’t clone the installed SD card…do a fresh setup for each unit…I run more than 10…but I’m :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: crazy


I now have two RoPieee Pi’s running.
One is a USB-only (no HAT) Pi 4B from Cana-Kit (on WiFi)
The other is the digi+ HAT from HiFiBerry (on Ethernet).

When I check the attached items on my router, I see two Pi’s, one wireless and one wired. So that’s good.

But when I visit the two numbers, any time I make a change to the one’s Host Name or Audio Hat and reboot, it changes both of them… and the one is no longer showing up in Roon as an endpoint. Anyone with any thoughts/tips?

did you clone the SD cards? if so then this is likely the issue

I don’t know what that means or how I would have done that?

But I’d downloaded the installation files to my Win10 laptop when I set my first one (Canakit, no HAT), and those files where still in my “downloads” folder when I was configuring the second one… So I just assumed (incorrectly?) that there was no reason to re-download the files for use within Etcher?

Ok for Ropieee image they should install their own setups so no cloning is possible by the sounds of what you did.

I would send @spockfish a feedback from the advanced tab from both setups. I assume you’re making these changes in the Ropieee GUI

I only had one RPi4 in my setup but many more 3B & +'s and never seen such issues

Hi Timothy,

RoPieee uses both network interfaces if you have wireless enabled. This provides a fallback scenario in case something goes wrong with wifi.

I suspect that you’re actually looking at the same unit :slight_smile:

You can verify this by going to the info page and look at the serial number.