Two router network issues

Windows 10 64 bit Roon 1.7 build 528 Core Machine

BT Hub 5 router with powerline adapters into Roopieee. WiFi connection between Roon Core and BT Hub router. Wavlink AC1200 mesh network with one router and extender used by most devices around the house.

I can only find the Roon core when it is connected to the BT Hub network and my iPad Pro remote is too. I am still able to control it when I change to being connected to the Wavlink mesh network upstairs (out of signal of the BT Hub), but it fails to find the core again once I restart the app.

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Raspberry pi with justboom digiHAT and roopieee

Are they all on one set of IP addresses?

Hi @Jeremy_Moulton,

Roon requires all devices to be on the same IP range — Can you verify that this is the case?

They’re not! The one router is 192.168.1.x and the other is 192.168.10.x.

Should it follow that changing one of the router’s up address and default gateway to be the same range as the other would fix this ?

Hi @Jeremy_Moulton,

No, you must have one router in the system and the other router needs to be set to access point mode and connected to the primary router via an Ethernet cable.

There should be only one router acting as the DHCP server and the other router would not have DHCP capabilities active, it would get the IP address pool from the primary router.

Connect them in that way and the IP setup should be fixed.

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