Typing to setup roon to listen to music on my laptop at work

I have a Chord Hugo 2 that I take to work with me. I’d like to be able to use roon while at work to listen to music.

At home I have my iMac in the office setup as the roon core, and I copied over the audio files to my laptop as a backup.

Is this a supported mode or do I need to purchase two memberships to use the same DAC in 2 different locations? I’d really like to have a way to take my music collection with me or at least still use roon to access content from my Tidal account when I’m away from home.

Hey Michael,

While you can only have one Core active at the same time, you can switch your license between Cores as often as you’d like.

When you start Roon on your work laptop, it will pop up a message asking you the deactivate the active Roon core at your home system (this is a one-click operation on the laptop). When your fire up Roon at home, it will ask you the same – rinse and repeat ad libitum.

The one disadvantage is that you will need to maintain two databases (one on the laptop at work and one at home) – edits you make on either system will not make it to the other.