UI text clipped in Windows Roon app

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 Pro 1903/ Roon 1.6 build 416
4K monitor output, Scale and Layout set to 150%

Description Of Issue

Text in the UI is clipped and letters are vertically misaligned. See attachments (red arrows point to some , but not all, instances in which the UI text is clipped/wobbly):

Change you screen settings and it will probably be resolved. I have a Dell XPS15 4K and, as I said, don’t experience any of that.


I appreciate the suggestion and I have considered it. I have already confirmed that Roon (unsurprisingly) does not exhibit text clipping if the scale of the primary display is set to either 100% or 200%.

Alas, changing screen settings is not an option for me. I, in fact, use the recommended windows settings for my system (3 x 27" @ 4K + 1 x 22" @ 1080p ). I use this setup for long hours every day - configuring it in a non-ergonomic fashion for the sake of one offending application (Roon) is out of the question.

Here’s a screenshot of my workstation’s display configuration:

I think because roon uses some sort of gaming engine to do the screen rendering it has to be explicitly programmed rather than be self adjusting.
I am speculating that your very high resolution is an outlier and hence the consequences.
Plus windows scaling is a piece of crap at the best of times.
I’d wait for a knowledgeable person with helpful suggestions @support to come along.
The roon team do care about fonts, alignment etc.

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Hi @cata,

I definitely understand not wanting to change the settings for all of your applications just for Roon. What I would recommend, though, is setting the scaling options specifically for Roon to 100% using these instructions and seeing if that works for you.


Hi @dylan,

Thank you for the pointers!
I was unable to convince the OS to scale Roon to 100% at all times (my main display’s scaling is set to 150%). However, I did find a working compromise. I used the compatibility settings to have the OS perform the scaling.

This does cause Roon to be a wee bit blurry on the high-res displays, but the text clipping is gone.
This setting also allows the OS to scale Roon according to individual display settings - so now Roon is correctly scaled to 100% on my 1080p display.

Here are the compatibility settings I used, in case anybody else encounters this issue:


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