Ultra Wide monitor


I bought a new ultra-wide 49 inch monitor (AOC AG493UCX) with a resolution of 5120 x 1440.
When starting ROON I am getting an error “Can not find a suitable PixelFormat”

How can I solve this problem?

Regards, Frans

I can’t help directly with your problem, but I have also recently bought a 49 inch 5120-1440 monitor (a Dell) and my Roon app will open with no problems.

Have you installed a specific driver for the monitor? I had problems with an app on my PC (not Roon) until I installed the native driver.

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I have installed the monitor driver!

Perhaps try updating your graphics drivers, then reboot and try again.

Also, shot in the dark here, but perhaps try reducing the windows scaling to something lower. Windows scaling is found in ‘display options’ and may be set a bit high. Not sure this would make a difference with roon tho.

Problem solved!
I have disabled the HDR function in the settings of the OSD menu and Roon is working fine!
Thanks for thinking with me.
Greetings, Frans


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