Ultrarendu + DSD + Remote volume?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to correctly an Ultrarendu as a Roon Ready endpoint. When I set the volume to None or Hardware (neither of which work for me) under the Rendu I can use Roon’s PCM to DSD conversion. But then I can’t control the volume remotely from the app.
When I set the volume to software in the Rendu then the volume control works, but I lose the ability to convert to DSD in Roon.

Wo I’m wondering if there’s a specific setup that would allow me to both control the volume and convert to DSD.


I see thanks. Is there any way to control volume within the Roon app while keeping bit perfect?

Any software volume control is changing the audio stream via DSP. Any DSP on the audio stream will cause DSD to be converted to PCM to apply it.

However, if it is a Roon Ready DAC, then you might be able to use Roon to control the devices Hardware volume. Not sure on this.

Gotcha thanks. I do have a Hardware option in the Rendu, but it doesn’t seem to control volume once activated. I need to look more into that then.