ultraRendu is here!

Well, almost here.

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I’d have to classify this in the category of diminishing returns for ME & MY System. Not sure my hearing and setup could gain much more performance from upgrading to the UltraRendu from the microRendu.

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We don’t even know what the difference is between the two anyway. Yet.

Just that on computeraudiophile jesus says he thinks we’d like the diffs… koolaid hype aside, its this too fast of an upgrade (on a not inexpensive product) that doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth. Whatever happened to at least a 2 yr cycle before you want us to spend our hard earned cash again…am i being too cynical?

to be fair, one gent suggested it’s because both uptone/sonore are too small financially to allow for 1-2 yr
cycles before product updates…and that may be true.

18 hours ago, Cool3r King said:
poster: How big a jump in sound quality from the microRendu is this?
Jesus: I think you will be pleased.

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The ultraRendu will give Sonore a three tiered network>USB playback device, all based on the SO operating system.

  1. Sonic Orbiter SE $299
  2. microRendu. $640
  3. ulttraRendu $875

Noting is being discontinued. So no present owner is losing out.

Acc’d to Sonore, the ultra couldn’t have beed designed when the micro was, as it is just recently that the smaller, efficient clocks - high quality, but not extremely expensive - have come out. And they make a smallish device like the ultra possible.
The larger case also allows for other improvements. The mR was specifically designed to be really small and fit behind a DAC.
Not so the ultraRendu.

thanks for clarifying, Danny.

I know a few people that went from microrendu to sotm sms-200and felt they got an SQ gain at a lower cost. So it will be interesting to see how the ultra rendu compares to it.

Our customer are reporting that our software update to 2.5 is bringing them a nice sound quality improvement. So if they update the software that could swings things. Also, the price comparison is not a fair one. We have a hardware update for the microRendu and a new product in the ultraRendu that each (original Rendu plus hardware update and ultraRendu) are much less money compared to their hardware update cost alone. Anyway, I have a feeling those strays will be coming back to the hard pretty soon. If they don’t…I wish them luck in the wild.

SONORE computer audio - Rendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

Jesus, I have a Small Green Computer sonicTransporter with v2.3 on it. Can that be upgraded to your new v2.5? Thanks. JCR

No. sonicTransporter is on a different development cycle.

I was only discussing the microrendu and SMS-200 (not ultra versions).

You can also compare it to our Sonicorbiter SE which is less money and has the same capability to mount drives along with adding optical output.

Hi JR,

With the ultraRendu, it would be more difficult to use a short hard adapter because the USB input and output are on the same side.

Was it an easy decision to have both USB input and output on the same side, as opposed to opposite sides (like microRendu)?

And what were the reasons for not having them on opposite sides?

I think people will use a short USB cable with it. It was easy because I use a short USB cable in my system:) We are not discontinuing the microRendu so you can still do that if you want to.

No worries. I know you guys are completely separate companies but you share John, and with the Uptone products he recommends a hard adapter on the USB output rather than a cable - in fact he’s designed one himself as you know, the USPCB.

Anyway that’s great news that the microRendu is getting a hardware update and remaining in the lineup.

I know what he said, but that doesn’t keep people from needing or wanting to use a USB cable.

What’s the hardware update for the MicroRendu? Is it already available and for what price?

Ah please don’t bother replying - found this already:

Hi @Jesus_Rodriguez,

I appreciate the ultraRendu is well into the development cycle, but is there any prospect of adding an l2s output via HDMI ? I believe it might be a matter of less circuitry rather than more and enable people to bypass USB altogether. More DACs are appearing with an l2s input.

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