ultraRendu is here!

Quote from Sonore at computeraudiophile.com:

This is a very focused hardware project. We are trying to make something simple, elegant and to the point. On the software side our App Switcher allows you to try different output protocols as if each was the only one running on the unit. S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and i2s adds complexity and compromises the design goals of this project so they have been intentionally left out.

As an aside, the first “rendu” product was a USB>I2S unit. It didn’t sell enough/leave enough profit and was discontinued

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i have a question:
my friend uses the Auralic Aries…loves it…esp because it offers wls connection.
he can’t believe Sonore still doesn’t offer a wls solution, esp when so many
supporting companies in digital streaming (etc) are moving that way…
I countered to him that i’d read somewhere about signal drops and wls not
being as reliable…he countered me with his Auralic Aries: that they make
$$$ products and there is no way they’d offer a subpar wls connection…so
why isn’t Sonore coming out with something similar (his question).

There are several workarounds for the wireless connection…

Access points, bridges, ethernet over power, MoCA ethernet over cable

Every company has it’s target market and design philosophy. Aries is trying to be a “do everything device”. mRendu isn’t.
Sonore says adding more functions would add complexity and noise to the design.
As noted, there are plenty of workarounds if you want wireless.

Or just buy something with the features you want. Plenty of other options out there.

Has anybody ordered an ultrarendu yet?

yes indeed, free shipping worldwide has one coming to Dublin.

(I’m just hoping the customs man looks on it positively)


If he does let me know I’ve got relatives in cork town. it’d save me going through uk customs who are NOT positive:neutral_face:

Free shipping? how?

That was the option, free worldwide shipping, it seemed churlish not to accept.



churlish…nice word…haven’t heard that one for a while.

looking forward to side by side listening impressions from those who will have both the original MR as well as the new Ultrarendu.

Yes, The mr will be hard to beat indeed! :sunglasses:

well i’m afraid I could wait, the free postage did it!!
UltraRendu ordered and I currently have a mr and an isoregen so looking forward to the comparison

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I just opened sales of the ultraRendu to the general public.

SONORE computer audio - ultraRendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE


Can ultraRendu really improve the sound of the microRendu? Or is it really just a design thing to make it more nice together with ultraCap LPS-1? Is the choice between microRendu and ultraRendu just if I want to have it behind the dac or show it off together with the LPS-1? I hope someone compare the sound between the microRendu and the ultraRendu.


i’m pretty confident it will sound better than the microRendu and will post my impressions when I’ve got both in house


Thanks JR! Loving the i5 mR combo transport, Killer :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your assessment…

After just purchasing the roon ready sT i5 with a 4T HDD on board my funds are a bit depleted for now. However I continue to enjoy the sT/mR combo indeed! First chance I get I am planning to upgrade from the mR to the uR!

I will tell you what, the Little Green Guys know what they are doing when it comes to computer audio! Best sound I have ever had, barr none! Stay tuned for more details as they become available


Tom P

As do I, Please let me know your findings once you have completed the comparison.

Cheers :wink: