Ultrarendu no longer shows up as audio source

I run a SGC sonic transport i5 as roon core. It or the ultrarendu do not show up as audio source. What are the reconnection steps? All worked until power was upset by storms. I can see their IP address at mysonicorbiter.com. Just not showing up in roon as audio source. Stream by USB from ultrarendu to PS Audio DSD Sr. DAC. It all worked not a hitch initial set up for four days. Sonictransport still shows as core.


Hi @Darrell_Ferris,

Welcome to the community! It sounds like you are able to connect to the SonicTransporter but you’re saying that the Settings -> Audio tab does not display any of the available outputs?

If this is the case, can you share a screenshot of your Audio tab by using these instructions? I would also try rebooting your Core and Network to see if that helps resolve the issue.


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I will attach screen shots i have rebooted core and diagnostic on core. Diagnostic on Ultrarendu hangs up. Also it identification of USB of my Direct Stream DAC is not happening through set up. I have reloade the Direct Stream firmware. Wondering if I should try USB direct to the DAC. i didnot reboot the network yet but the my sonic orbiter does communicate to the Transporter and Ultrarendu.

I also checked USB from Ultrarendu is in place and secure. I tried reboots of the Ultrarendu. Also DS DAC plays sources from coax and optical input. When I first noticed issue there was a digital stream coming into DS but no sound or at least roon had the moving equqlization five bands simulating a stream. Now all communication from Ultrarendu to DAc is absent after the slew of reboots.

Does your DAC show up in the DAC diagnostic on the Rendu? It won’t show up in Roon until it can talk to your DAC.

If you are still having problems please go to somallgreencomputer.com and click on contact us for support.

No DAC does not show up in DAC diagnostic. I have another USB DAC I can try But the PS DAC works with other sources of optical and Coax. The diagnostic hangs blue progression bar stalls indefinitely.

Try a different DAC. Tray another USB cable. Try the USB port of the PS audio DAC with a different source like a computer.

Will the sonicTransporter feed USB signal audio files to DS DAC from roon core bypassing Ultrarendu?

Ok I am making progress. After reboot of router and disconnect of USB at DS the ULtrarendu and DS DAC diagnostic work and show up in Roon.

However attempting to play a song on an Album ends up esong hopping in the roon app with no output of sound only momentary jumps between songs of album on ipad display. But no audio. After each song flashes trying to play no audio. Anyone have any idea what this means and a fix? This is what I was encountering prior to Ultrarendu not reporting and DAC gone

Screens from Roon are shown. If this is a setup bug please help.Thanks

The link was a typo however I was not able to find a contact us link on smallgreencomputer.com that is is not a social media site. I am still working troubleshooting. But at least Ultrarendu and PS DAC communicate and configure. I will start swapping and moving components out of the chain.

Try this in order:

  1. Remove the power cable from the Rendu and the DAC.
  2. Connect the power cable to the DAC and power it on.
  3. Connect the power cable to the Rendu.
  4. Go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics and confirm the DAC is present.
  5. Go to Roon / Settings / Audio and enable the Rendu.
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Thanks that sequence resolved the issue. I’ll remember that for future issues. Ultrarendu is sounding superbly amazing back in the system.


Glad to here it…enjoy!

(http://smallgreencomputer.com) is our web site. If you click on “contact us” in the lower right we can help you.

Good to hear it’s all working for you and you are getting amazing sound from your DAC.


Do you have any recommendations for ethernet cables to the ultraRendu? So far with three different cables the sound has varied widely.

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