Ultrasone NaOS problems with Samsung 10+

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Samsung 10+ (SM-G975U) with Ultrasone NaOS DAC

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I recently got an Ultrasone NaOS DAC for use with my phone. I can control Roon fine from the phone and can also play music on the phone via the onboard audio. I’m also able to use the Ultrasone with the Phone, playing music (and Tidal) using USB Audio Player Pro. The phone upsamples to 192k with no problem. However, when I try to use roon to play to the Ultrasone I only get onboard audio, nothing going to the Ultrasone. I don’t really see anything in the audio settings that suggests the dac is being recognized.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @zorntel,

When you select the “Android Output” zone in Roon, this sends the audio stream to the Android’s System Output, which then the System Output should route to your DAC. Have you tried selecting it yet and trying to start playback? Does it works as expected? Note, you may need to enable your Android Output zone in Roon Settings -> Audio tab and select that as your active zone prior to starting playback.

Yes, that is what I have tried and it does not work, its not sending to the DAC but instead plays on the internal phone speakers. Looks like the DAC is not being recognized. As I mentioned the DAC works fine with the USB Audio Player Pro APP on the phone.

Hi @zorntel,

If you try playing to the DAC through Youtube, do you have proper sound output through the DAC or is the USB Audio Player Pro the only app able to communicate with it?

It is also possible that USB Audio Player has taken exclusive access of the DAC, if you disengage USB Audio Player and exit out of it, does the same behavior still occur in Roon?

Ok, that was the problem USB Audio Player Pro was locking Roon out. Reinstalled it and I’m not giving it override and Roon is working now.

Now next problem, why can’t I upsample on my phone? USB Audio Player Pro upsamples on the phone to 24/192 with no problem, but there are no options to do this in the Samsung device audio setup in Roon. I can upsample for all of my other DACs which run either from Linux of MacOS.

Hi @zorntel,

Glad to hear the first part of the issue is resolved! For the second - If you go to Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel icon next to affected zone -> Device Setup, what do you see listed there as the Max Sample Rate? When you play content, what does Signal Path show?

No option for entering a max sample rate, and as you can see a 24/96 file is being downsampled to 24/48. The DAC is 24/192.

Hi @zorntel,

Thank you for sharing that screenshot and apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. For Android playback, we use OpenSL ES to achieve playback, and this usually limits the sample rate to 48kHz/24bit as mentioned in our Android Audio Knowledge Base Guide:

Roon uses OpenSL ES to accomplish audio playback on Android.
This is primarily for convenience–Audiophile quality playback on Android is still in its infancy.
For an in-depth overview of Audio Configuration in Roon, check out our Audio Setup Basics page.

By default, we set the “Max Sample Rate (PCM)” and “Max Bits Per Sample (PCM)” settings to 48kHz and 16bit, respectively. Some Android 5.0+ devices can support higher playback rates (and many others can’t). This default was a conservative choice that maximizes compatibility with the widest range of devices.

There is still work in progress on Android to further improve this, but I cannot comment on a timeline.

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