UMIK-1 / REW Problem with miniDSP UDIO-8 multichannel DAC setup

Hello, all. I have set up a miniDSP UDIO-8 with three Musical Fidelity V90 DACs to create what I hope will be a great sounding multichannel DAC. I am taking the analog outputs of the V90 DACs into the 7.1 analog inputs on my Marantz AV-7702 preamp/processor. Al channels are playing out fine. However, those analog inputs do not utilize the Audyssey MultXT32 sound correction built into the Marantz. I am using Roon on an i-7 processor server built for me by the folks at Small Green Computer. My plan is to use REW to develop filter that I can place into the convolution engine of Roon to do the sound correction.

I have installed REW on the i-7 server. But, I am stuck at square one on using REW for the measurements. As you can see from my attached screenshots, if I select ASIO4all v2 or the ASIO miniDSP Driver for REW, the Inputs are the same as the Outputs , that is, the list of eight UDIO-8 channels. If I select Java, the UMIK-1 microphone appears as a choice for Input, but the Outputs are now limited to just left and right channels.

Obviously, I need the ASIO to get the multichannels, but also need the UMIK-1 to show up as the Input device. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. JCR

Check out my reply to your MIniDSP forum post.

Hi Alan. Thank you. As I just wrote you over at the miniDSP forum, I had been unaware of the need to “activate” the microphone under the ASIO4all v2 control panel. I can now select the mic and make measurements! JCR

Brilliant. Glad it was that simple.

Btw - do you know yet which software you are going to use to generate the FIR filter. Or will Roon take the REW filter asis?

I am actually working with Thierry from HAF to create the filters for 5.2 surround and 2.2 stereo for my new V90 multichannel DAC and then will have him create separate 2.2 filters for my Bel Canto DAC. Our challenge at the moment that Thierry is working to solve is bass management ahead of the sound correction filters. He’s working to create a set of low pass filters that I can place in the Roon convolution engine and then I would use an indirect method to measure my speakers with Roon, playing out sweep signals through Roon so they are bass managed, but not sound corrected, before the UMIK-1 microphone hears them. Thierry’s first couple of low pass filter sets are, unfortunately, not re-routing the bass to the subs, but are merely cutting the bass off of the front left and front right speakers. Nothing is simple! JCR

Interesting. Love to hear how this progresses.

I will keep you advised. Thierry has had me measure each individual speaker, other than the subs, to calculate specific low pass filters for each. The plan is that this will get mixed with the two subs. When I then next measure, it will be with the speakers having been bass managed ahead of the sound correction filters which Thierry will then create.

I hoping that three Musical Fidelity V90 DACs connected via the miniDSP UDIO-8, bass managed and filtered through Roon and run into the multichannel analog inputs of my Marantz AV-7702 pre/pro, will smoke the multichannel HDMI out from my i-7 PC Roon server into the Marantz, bass managed and filtered through Audyssey MultXT32. That’s the experiment, anyway. JCR