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What makes a composition identified? A very popular composition like Rodgers & Hammerstein’s My Favorite Things has a composition page. On the other hand, Matt Brewer’s Aspiring to Normalcy appears in three different jazz albums in my collection, but they are treated as disjoint tracks, even thought title and composer are the same. Even the famous 'Round Midnight, which is as canonical a jazz composition as there is, is treated as separate tracks. In fact, that also happens with other notable Monk compositions like Brilliant Corners.

I realize that composition identification is in general a hard problem, but it would be plausible to have the most recorded compositions in each genre identified properly. After all, Jobim’s Garota de Ipanema is identified as a composition.


I don’t think this question of what constitutes a composition has ever been answered. There are posts going back years.

One thing I have noticed is that there is some kind of connection with multi-part composition grouping. If you go to “edit album” (for any album) and scroll to the bottom you will see the number of tracks vs. the number of recordings. Regardless of the spelling of the track title or the composers, only those tracks that are also “recordings” can be “compositions”. I do not know what this means.

So for example with my copy of Matt Brewer’s “Unspoken” roon finds 9 tracks and 2 recordings and only 2 of the tracks are defined as compositions.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

Thank you for your report, we’d be happy to help you figure this out.

Can you please go to your tracks page and add the composer column using the gear icon, then filter your library by Aspiring to Normalcy (as I did with Crossroads below) and post a screenshot.

Then click through on the composer links for each of the three separate entries for that track and post a screenshot of each. That should help us figure out what’s happening.

I’ll be watching for your reply, thanks!

The second track is shown as co-composed by Brewer and Rubalcaba, not an unusual situation in jazz where an artist builds on a composer’s work.

First track:

Second track:

Third track:

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Hey @Fernando_Pereira,

Thank you for the track page screenshot. Can you please do the same with your Compositions page? Go to the Compositions page>Filter by Aspiring to Normalcy then post a screenshot. Once I can see what that looks like I think I’ll be able to recommend a fix. Thanks! :+1:t2:

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