Unable to access My Account, Support and Community, via my Nucleus

I am unable to access my Account details, Support and Community, Via my Roon Nucleus, using my iMac, iPad and Samsung Android phone. I get this error message on ALL three devices.

Please can you help?

There’s apparently a problem with the Roon Servers - Support have been notified.

Are you having issues Geoff?

Yes, I can’t view my Account Details on the Roon Labs servers - I get the 502 error. And it’s still there this morning. Will have to wait until the US wakes up for their working week, I think.

Roon is still working.

Thanks Geoff…I’m surprised there aren’t more posts/comments re their servers?

It’s just the service that handles accounts at the moment, as far as I can see (the old KB system server was down yesterday also, but that’s now back up, or at least, the redirection to the new Help Center is now working again).

Roon only checks account validity every few weeks, so only a few people may be caught out by the timing?

Thanks Geoff…

I have sent Roon Support several messages re my subscription, but not heard back. I want to try and get a deal for the 12 months. Not really interested in the ‘Lifetime’.
How do those living in the UK normally get their subscription, as their web page only appears to give it in Dollars?

When you say “sent” - how did you do it? Via traditional email or via Private Messages in the forum? The latter is the best route, and if it’s regarding subscriptions, you should send a PM to @accounts

The web page only shows Dollar amounts, and these will be charged in the equivalent local currency to your credit card.

Hi @DJM,

There is currently a server issue on our end that is resulting in these links not working. Our engineering team is working to resolve this ASAP, and in the meantime all of these links can be accessed manually from our Help Center or Website.

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All back to normal now. Thanks :+1:

I’ve had a reply back now Geoff. They told me that my previous message wasn’t received. Perhaps something to do with their servers?
I made both requests via their website > Contact Us.

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