Unable to access the ROCK/Data/Codecs folder to install the ffmpeg Codecs file

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ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

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After successful installation of the Rock OS on my new NUC, I’m unable to figure out how to install the ffmpeg codecs file in the /Data/Codecs folder since it is not visible to me from a Windows 10 PC.
Please advise.

Hi Chris,

Did you follow these instructions on accessing the ROCK OS Data Directory?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,
I’ve followed the instructions that you’ve shared, but I’m unable to find or access the ‘automatically’ shared network folder. i.e. Rock/Data/Codecs. That’s the issue I’m trying to resolve. If you have any suggestions, that will be appreciated. Thanks


I’m not a Windows guy, but did you type \\Rock\ in a File (Windows) Explorer window?

You should find all the ROCK directories, including Codecs within the Data directory.

Cheers, Greg

typing //rock/ takes you to the Rock OS web UI. The /Data or /Data/Codecs folders are not visible from there. Any other suggestions?

AFAIK the ROCK provides anonymous shares (no user/password needed). Windows 10 might disallow connections to such shares by default.

Still unclear what your problem is. Why do you need to find the share if you already know it’s path (\\ROCK\) from the documentation @Greg linked above? Is there some error when you try to access the share?

You don’t want to use the web browser, you need to use Windows (or File) Explorer.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg & BlackJack,
I eventually figured out what the issue was. Yes, I’m using File Explorer to find the share. However, you also need to turn ON the SMB file sharing feature in Windows under Control Panel, Programs. After I did that and rebooted the various Rock folders were visible and accessible via File Explorer. I’ve copied the ffmpeg codecs file to /Data/Codecs folder and everything looks good in the Rock web UI now. Internet Explorer no longer renders the Rock Web UI properly. Using MS Edge or Chrome displays fine. The Roon Server Software status now reports OK. Thanks.


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