Unable To Add Folder from NAS

I have a Synology DS713+ that is not on my local network at the time and I don’t know and where to get the needed information to setup a network shared folder. I can log into my nas via my web browser and have the following information about my NAS that I found in the attachment below. Im not very good at networking at all and it seems whatever ROON is asking my to enter I can get it work. Thank you for your help. Also I am not currently on my home network until a few weeks not sure if this will effect what I can do for now to get NOON to connect to the NAS. Thank you for your help.

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You need to setup a connection to your nas from your (core computer). Start up roon and selected this connection and you can add your music.

Do you mean to mount the NAS as a drive over my local network first then attempt again with NOON?

Yup that will work