Unable to Add Music via Network Share (ref#WNX2XJ)

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

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adding music via network share

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Bluenote Vault II

Hey @greg1,

Thanks for writing in! I’ve got just the right KB article for you -

Hope it helps!

Hi thanks for that. My problem is that I was accessing my music library from an external NAS everything was working fine. I moved my Apple Mac mini to a different location and when starting up again the folder was not there and now I cannot add again and I am using the same settings. Just keeps coming up with “

Hi @greg1,

Not sure if you meant to include additional text here?

You may need to re-establish the same shared settings from the NAS incase it’s picking up your Mac mini as a new device. Here’s some additional tips with this:

If you still run into issues after going through the above, please attempt to re-add the network share and share the specific date, and time.


Hi decided to reset my Apple Mini Mac and start all over again. Happy to say all back up and running.

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