Unable to configure DSP settings using Android [Solved: you need a large enough display, preferably tablet]

Core Machine

  • Roon Server on Samsung 500GB SSD external usb drive (Win 10 booting from SSD)
  • Attached to Samsung laptop.
  • 6GB RAM in laptop
  • Music collection on laptop internal hard drive

Network Details

-Laptop connected to network via ethernet.This laptop is not in the same room as the hi fi, it is in another building 10 meters away, connected by ethernet cable cat6 to the router. This because I do not wish to have a pc in or near the living areas.

  • Router to NAD M33 via ethernet cat6. NAD software is up to date.
  • NAD out to GoldenEar speakers via speaker cable
  • NAD to remotes androids via wifi
    Androids are:
  • Google Pixel 4a running latest Android 11
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, running Android 10, UI version 2.1

Library Size

I can open a windows pc running the Roon app, connect to my core server and have full accessibility to DSP settings and adjustments for any endpoint - in this case the NAD M33 or that particular PCs system output, which is all I use for endpoints.

If however, I try to do this via either of the Android devices running the Roon app, I cannot change settings- all I see and all I can access no matter what I tap, swipe or pull-down is a static view of what has been enabled or disabled in DSP after doing so via the Windows app only - I cannot adjust them as I do not see the same adjustment drop down arrows that appear to the right when I use a windows pc running the Roon app.
2 pics attached - one showing view from the Windows app and the 2nd from the Android app.

Is this somehow a weird limitation of Android due to the lack of resolution that plagues it or am I missing a setting somewhere?


phones dont have the screen area available to adequately display DSP settings. you can change presets tho IIRC

The Android app works fine (same as desktop) on devices with big enough screens. If your second picture is from a tablet, try and switch orientation to landscape and see if it does the trick for you.

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Thanks BJ @BlackJack - the tablet, when swung around in landscape mode gives me am option to run in full screen mode which in turn brings up all the presets, seems abit obvious now in retrospect but there you are :+1: The Pixel phone = no, but that’s ok.

@wizardofoz Wiz - what does IIRC mean? Thanks.

If I Recall/Remember Correctly

You can find a LOA here :slight_smile:

Ha ha - thanks! :wink:

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