Unable to connect networked drive to my Roon Rock server

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We are unable to connect our networked drive and folders containing our music library to our Roon core on ROCK so that these files in our library will be available in Roon locally and using Roon ARC.

The instructions included here do not work for us: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/adding-folders-using-path#Adding_Folders

And judging by the number of thumbs up vs. thumbs down, those instructions don’t seem to work for the majority of people visiting that page.

We appreciate all your good work and love Roon!

Thank you!

Hi @Thomas_Mulready,

What device is your networked drive connected to, what operating system is it, and are you able to \\ (SMB) connect to the drive from other locations?


Thanks for your note. We have a custom built Windows Roon ROCK core connected to our network via Ethernet.

We have a Bluesound Vault 2i connected to the same network via Ethernet, which has been successfully connected to the Roon ROCK with this path: smb://coolvault2i/shared/Music

We also have a Mac Mini M1 running 12.2.1 connected via Ethernet or wi-fi to the same network. We have external hard drives connected via USB to the Mac Mini with our music files.

However, our external drive at this path is not found: <smb://Music & Photos/Music (MASTER)/BCQVBL/My Albums>. We can connect to this drive in Finder from the Mac Mini, locate all the music files and play them from the Mac, but we can’t get Roon to find that drive.

I assume this is the first step to using Roon ARC, which we are super excited about, since we like to travel and would love to have access to all our music on files on our hard drives.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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This might be an easy fix but we shall see.

Mac changed the way it works with exFAT drives. We fixed this on our side in an update so be sure that your Roon instances are up to date.

Also, what happens if you try to \\(IP address) instead of the names? Are you using any form of authentication on the drive? It should be set to log in as guest to prevent access issues.

I’m just rattling off all of the possibilities!


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