Unable to connect to Local (Home) internet Radio [solved]

Hi there,

I run an intranet radio station in my house primarily for streaming vinyl from my living room to the rest of the house.

If anyone’s interested I use a raspberry PI, a interface card and icecast2 and darkice software.

This is all working fine and I can tune into it using VLC.

The URL looks like this http://pinguradio.local:8000/vinyl.m3u with name resolution being handled by Bonjour. I can tune in and ping from the command line but when i try to add as an internet radio through Roon I get this error

Does anyone have any ideas, is it the use of Bonjour or the non html port number?


So removed Bonjour from the loop no joy!

Also removed the unusual port from the mix. Still getting the same error

Sorted this. My stream was failing as my initial client disconnected. Fixed the stream, all ok.