Unable to connect to Nucleus+ after update

I have been met this issue for 4 days after updating firmware of Nucleus plus rev B.
I do not know what can I do to fix it.
I use Ubiquity Router Edge4, Motu AVB Switch.

Hello @Van_Ki_n_Ph_m ,

Thanks for reaching out. Are you still able to access the Nucleus Web UI? If you try to connect the HDMI output from the Nucleus to a TV or monitor and switch the input to it, do you see anything listed there? Can you attach a picture?

I can not access via web UI. Please find attached the picture show the status of connection between Nucleus and LG TV via HDMI

This picture when Macbook connected with LG TV via HDMI. It can not fine Roon Core

Hello @Van_Ki_n_Ph_m ,

Apologies for the delayed response here. Has there been any change in behavior with your Nucelus? If there is nothing being displayed on the HDMI output, then it is possible that there is an issue with the Nucleus motherboard booting properly.

I see that you are located outside the United States, so the best contact for any hardware repairs would be the Roon dealer that you bought the unit from. If you have any issues arranging the RMA with the dealer, please let us know, thanks!

Dear Noris,

Thanks for your warm response.

I am from Vietnam. I do not know which company is your authorized dealer in our country because I bought it through other person. Please let me know dealer contact in Vietnam if you can.

I guess that the Bios was falure.

I am looking forwads to hearing you soon.

Best regards,

Hello @Van_Ki_n_Ph_m ,

Thanks for your message.

We have this information on our Dealer Locator page:

Vietnam Distributor

Audio Choice
No.1, 3/2
Q10 Ho Chi Minh
Tel: (+)84 (0) 90 390 6819

View on map

Hope this helps!

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