Unable to connect to Roon after reinstalling OS

Just recently rebooted Nucleus because images were appearing very slow on my iPhone. After that, I decided to reinstall the OS and since then I can see the Nucleus Core Connect button but it asks me to login which I did then it says I am already logged in and ask to use the Go back arrow… basically it keeps asking me to log in which I’ve done at least 5 times now… would appreciate some guidance how to connect and view my Roon account.

Have you rebooted everything after the reinstall?

Yes I did thanks!

Post a shot of the web interface on the nucleus, support always ask for that.

Ok will do!

Hope it’s a small issue!

Getting the same screens from either iPhone or iPad.

Click on Unauthorize - that should get you past this hurdle.

Will try thanks!

Haha really that’s it? Yeah I confirm I am now able to view my playlist, thanks again!

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