Unable to connect to Roon Server after upgrade

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2016 Essentials on i7-9700

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Classic network router, no change in port forwarding and firewall settings, udp 9003 open and TDP also configured.

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge CXN V2

Number of Tracks in Library

Cannot see as i have no access

Description of Issue

Since last upgrade the roon remote cannot connect to server anymore.
When RDP on the server machine, i see roonserver is working, but cannot find a way to access locally.
From my android device or from windows 10 roon app on the same network, the app sees the server but is unable to connect.

I have no ability to downgrade to previous version.

Sounds like a local firewall issue on the PC running Roon Server. I would try reinstalling Roon Server since that may prompt you to allow access.

I already did, all accesses are ok on firewall.
I did reinstall twice and no prompt at all.
Looked into windiws server firewall and all is already setup

Just deleted all firewall rules, uninstalled, reinstalled, it did not prompt me for anything.

That’s pretty strange. You might also try installing the Roon desktop app on the same system to see if you can connect locally. It should be possible to do this over RDP if that’s how you access your server.

Impossible to install the roon graphic app, i have no openGL card, it’s a server. First thing i tried.
Anyway i think i’ll have to cancel my Roon subscription, i liked it !

Roon status : running

All is fine and all my other services (Sabnzbd, Logitech Media Server, jellyfin, …) work fine

Yeah. The other possibility is that your Roon database has some kind of corruption that is preventing Roon Server from starting. The solution for that is to shutdown Roon Server, move the database folder out of the way, and then restart it.

This article describes where to find the database folder:

If that works, you can try restoring one of your database backups. If you’ve not been running Roon for long, it may be easier to just let it re-analyze your music collection and start fresh.

The good news is that improvements in builds 880 and later should prevent this from happening again.

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Will try to start fresh, just deleted all applications, all entries from firewall, and all folders and restarted the server.

Will reinstall all tonight to see if that helps.

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Well, same issue, i finished configuring firewall, now again the client sees the server but is unable to connect !
I’ll just abandon Roon until a new version fixes this !

Well, needed to open new ports 9330-9332 for it to work !

Roon is really missing a clear guide or localhost webUI possibility.


I’m glad to hear that you got it working. Windows Server is not an officially supported platform for Roon, so getting it to work there definitely requires a lot more expertise. I agree with you that better documentation would make this easier.

I fought this for years but eventually gave in and switched to a ROCK build. Things have run so much better since then. I’m kicking myself for not doing that sooner!

Let me know if you have other questions. Otherwise, enjoy.

Unfortunately I am also using other services with my music and no additional place to add another device (however small this is).
Plus I need file duplication, online cloud duplication, etc.

I find really strange that an application that has server in its name does not run as a service on the largest user-based OS.

Roon is really great, but they are unfortunately lacking on that side.

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