Unable to disable my "Music Folder"

Hi all,

In Settings > Storage if I click on the gears next to the entry for my “Music Folder” (/Users/username/Music) and select “Disable” the Roon “working” icon appears and never goes away. If I click in the background Settings modal disappears. Using the latest build of Roon Server on Yosemite on my Mini and Roon “Client” on my MacBook Air also running Yosemite.


Hey @aronson – sorry for the trouble here. I just sent you a PM with some instructions for getting logs over to us.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Having the same issue here. Tried disabling and removing a folder. Now the only thing i can access in roon is the settings screen.

Hi @chr – can you give me a little more information about the issue and what you’re seeing?

The information here under setup would be particularly helpful, along with some information about what you’re clicking, what you’re expecting to happen, and what’s actually happening.