Unable to get Sonos x Qobuz 24bit Hi-Res on Roon [Available in Build 831]

Hi, I’ve just found out that I’m unable to get 24bit streaming with my Qobuz account played through Roon to a Sonos Amp.

I know I can get it through the Sonos S2 app but am I able to get it playing my Qobuz tracks through Roon.

Is this a feature you guys could please implement as its very disappointing that I am now able to get Hi-Res on my Sonos Amp but I am still restricted due to my love of Roon

Thanks in advance

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Hi Scott,

Have you checked under Settings/Services and verified that the streaming quality level under Qobuz? Maybe it is set to a lower level.

Hi Daniel, yes the streaming quality is set to the highest possible. I believe Roon is not able to play Qobuz to Sonos at 24-bit yet but is something they are looking into making possible.

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same for me, as shown here:

Stream quality in settings/services already set to 24/192, all filters disabled.

Another vote for this one please.

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+1 from me as well. Disappointing that Qobuz plays at the higher rate when using the (awful) S2 app than via roon!


Roon now supports 24-bit playback to Sonos S2 devices. Please see our full release notes here:

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