Unable to hide albums in 1.8 [Resolved - Build 778]

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Netgear ethernet switch

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Mac mini into lampizator amber 2 via USB

Description Of Issue

Since the update to 1.8 all my hidden albums are not hidden anymore and the hide function does not work either. I have checked settings and “show hidden albums” is disabled. Hope there is a way to fix this.

Loving the rest of the update so far!


Hi, @Martijn , thank you for your post, could you, please, specify which screen is not affected but “Show hidden albums” setting?



Hello, same issue here.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10 Pro (2004) with Roon V1.8 (bulid 753) 64 bit

Description Of Issue

Is not possible to manually hide albums. It works for automatically duplicated detected albums.

Hidden tracks/albums are not show from the preferences

Album is shown twice

Even after hiding it



same here

it should not be showing the lesser format versions of the albums…

Hi @ivan,

Thanks for the quick reply. It happens both in “Overview” and “Discography”. For instance I have a couple of Beatle bootlegs in my library which I would not like to see when browsing the library. In 1.7 and all previous versions I marked them as hidden albums and they did not show up.

Now they are visible all the time and if I try to hide them through “edit” they still stay visible.

Hope this clarifies the issue a bit.

Hi, @Federico , @Lee_Lewell , thank you for your examples. Just a quick question, those albums which duplicated on your screenshots, do they have the same number of tracks?

@Martijn, thanks for clarification. As for using “Hide” option for album on Discography, it is not expected to work, because this tab is about showing everything that this artist, has not only in your library, like in 1.7 there was TIDAL or Qobuz section on artist details page, so if these bootlegs are available on streaming platform, they will be shown there. Am I getting it right, that “Hide” functionality does not work for you on the Overview page either?



Hi Ivan,

The albums are definitely not available on Tidal as they are unofficial. These are all files from my local library.

The hidden albums appear in “Overview” as well.

It seems to me somehow the Hide-function is broken.

Thanks for your reply, @Martijn , I think I have an idea what is happening here. Am I right, that you can “Hide” an album from “Albums In My Library” section on Overview, but cannot not perform that action for items from “Singles and EPs” and other sections on that page?


Hi @ivan, unfortunately that is not the case. I cannot hide any album or single at the moment. I also tried some official releases that are identified by Roon but these still appear as well after hiding them through the edit menu.

Understood, @Martijn , I will investigate this behavior.


@ivan in this case both Albums have the same number of tracks. But if I tried to hide the album on the right it is not hidden neither


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Thanks! In the meantime I have found out that when an album is marked as a bootleg in album editor, it does not appear in the main overview and discography anymore. So that is a workaround that works to get a nice and tidy library.

Still it is strange that hiding albums does not work.


Have the same problem. Can’t hide albums anymore. My previously hidden albums are there to be seen again.I’m on iPad mini 5 connecting to Roon Rock. This has never been an issue.

As you can see there are 3 duplicates, where normally you would have seen only the one with the highest resolution. The other 2 where hidden before.

As we are on the subject let me explain why I have duplicate albums that need hiding. There are albums in my library that have versions on Tidal at a higher quality. Roon identifies these but because I have removed some tracks from my version I cannot make it the primary version. therefore I add the tidal version and hide the lower quality version. It would be much better for me if I could say “Make primary version” even if the number of tracks is not an exact match.

Thank you for the reply, @Federico , @Lee_Lewell, @YannickR . Could you, please, provide screenshots of Version tab for albums which are not properly collapsed into one version.

So, just to avoid confusion here:
@Federico, could you, please, pick “Until We Die” by Global Threat
@Lee_Lewell, could you, please, pick one of those Tears fo Fears album.
@YannickR , could you, please, pick “Something in the Water” by Pokey LaFarge



here you go - I am not sure this is actually what you want though…

Thanks, @Lee_Lewell, yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted to see :slight_smile: Am I right thinking that another version of “Songs From the Big Chair” which is coming from TIDAL has the same amount of tracks as this AAC one?



@ivan I just realized that my local album version don’t contain all the tracks (Previously I’ve just checked the last song), sorry. However the issue remain that I cannot hide my version and only see Qobuz version.


One of the three albums is faulty since it only has 8 songs. That is the reason I normally hid it. The other 2 are the local file and Qobuz file. That should ideally turn up as one album as well of course where one of the two would be the primary version.

Lots of faulty duplicate albums which I before I always hid.

in this case my library version has 8 tracks - but I chose to add the 16 track version from Tidal… however I should be able to make the 16 track version the primary…