Unable to launch Roon remote on Huawei P40Pro

Hi team
Roon remote works well on all mobile phone Android but not on the brand new Huawei P40 pro which does not include google.
Could an update (apk) be provided on website?
Does the application need google services?
The appli does not launch at all


Hello @Xavier_GUERIN, and thanks for your report! I wanted to clarify, are you saying that Android device doesn’t have access to the play store? Do you have the Roon app on that device now and it won’t open?

Yes. You are correct. I managed to get the APK file and roon remote cannot open. It seems that this application cannot work without Google API.
Millions of devices could be impacted if we do not want to be Google dependent.
Your thought ?

Hello @Xavier_GUERIN, I took a look online to see if this device supports OpenGL 3.0 or above as noted in our minimum requirements. Can you confirm your device supports OpenGL 3.0 or above?

Well it is running under Android 11 so latest version of Android.
Is roon remote dependent on Google ?

Hello @Xavier_GUERIN, it is not dependant on Google, as of version 1.7 the device needs to have OpenGL 3.0 or above.

Here is the dev

ice opengl information

Any news on this?

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Hi @Xavier_GUERIN,

Thank you for following up on this thread and sorry for never replying. Nuwriy is no longer with the team and your thread got lost through the cracks…I am very sorry!

It looks like your Huawei P40 Pro meets all of our minimum requirements for an Android device to run the Roon Remote app.

Since you’ve first posted this thread, we’ve released quite a few new builds for the Roon Remote app. Have you tried installing the very last one?

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