Unable to link groups using Kef LS50W

I have a customers system which uses an Innuos Zen MkIII music server as a Roon core. This is USB connected to a Chord Hugo TT2 working as one zone. This is connect to the router using CAT5 cables via a pair of homeplugs.

A pair of Kef LS50Ws are also connected directly to the router using CAT5 network cable.

Both of these zones are working perfectly individually but we cannot get them to link up in a group. They Group Zones option is greyed out.

We have checked neither of the zones are set as Private Zones, and they are both showing as connect via Network to the Roon Core under Setup\Audio. Airplay\Chromecast are not being used.

Can anyone help here, I cannot see why the Roon compatible LS50W speakers will not link groups but will work on their own.


LS50W do not use RAAT so are not Roon Ready due to hardware limitations in the LS50W. This means they cannot be grouped. I use a RPi running Ropieee to feed my LS50W and then use it to “group” that zone.
Also see here:

“Also, note that due to the technical details of KEF streaming these speakers are not Roon Ready, so linking multiple pairs of LS50w is not possible and some RAAT-specific functionality (like convenience switching or advanced Signal Path functionality) is not possible.”

Hi @Stephen_Drew,

As noted in our Knowledge Base:

Roon supports Zone Grouping , or synchronizing audio playback in several zones within your house.

Zones can only be grouped with other zones of the same type , meaning Squeezebox zones cannot be grouped with RAAT zones, Meridian zones can’t be grouped with Airplay zones, etc.

Since these are different types of endpoints, they cannot be grouped.

Hi, Many thanks for your responses, very helpful. I have noticed that some people have used a small plug in device connected directly to the LS50W speakers to act as a Roon endpoint? which could then be grouped up to the main HugoTT2 zone play music in both areas together.
Do you know what the simplest small device I could use would be, could I use a Google Chromecast or similar?
Many thanks.

Stephen, Chromecast are like the Kef’s their own insular implantation and not RAAT. You could use a microRendu or one of the new Allo USBRIDGE Signature ( or the previous model if you can find it).

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