Unable to log-in after upgrading my Mac Mini [Resolved]

Hi there,

I just upgraded my fusion drive late 2012 Mac Mini music server by replacing the 1TB hard drive with a 2TB spinner. I backed it up and restored it after installation. I could not sign in once I got the computer up and running, so I deleted Roon and downloaded it again. I still cannot sign in, the little logo just keeps wobbling forever. Any suggestions?



Have you tried disabling the firewall?

I could be wrong but I don’t think you can just change 1 part of a fusion drive without breaking the bond…which means you probably don’t have a fusion drive setup well at least if its there is not a fusion drive any more - but I might be wrong. Anyway thats by the by. Some info https://support.apple.com/en-sg/HT202574 and http://www.macworld.com/article/2014011/storage-drives/how-to-make-your-own-fusion-drive.html

That said a wobbling logo could mean that its indexing the database again or updating it I think.

You haven’t said where your music is stored nor how you backed things up - roon is fussy about the database and has its own backup options - time machine won’t cut it. A clone might work tho.

If you used Time Machine then you probably are in for a database delete and rebuild. I guess if you still have the 1TB untouched you could reinstall it and recover (backup the roon database within the roon interface and then then go back to the new setup (still pretty sure your Fusion Drive will not be a fusion drive any more tho) then import the database again after removing Roon and its library folders and a clean install

Hi @Richard_Harrison ----- Thanks for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles.

To piggy back on the advice given by both @Ratbert and @wizardofoz (:thumbsup:), having a clear understanding of your backup and restore process will definitely aide in evaluating what could be going on here.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks guys,

The firewall was and is disabled, and the upgrade was done by an authorized Apple repair facility, so I have to assume the fusion drive is operating properly. After having trouble getting Roon going, I deleted all my music and re-installed it from my external hard drive (not a back-up). I then re-downloaded Roon, but I still cannot log in.

Hi @Richard_Harrison — Thank you for touching base here. The feedback is appreciated!

when you say that you re-installed from an external drive, do you mean you had a copy of your “Roon” folder saved (i.e your database)?


Sorry for the delay. I was out of town. I keep my master file of music (approx. 1TB) on an external hard drive. I deleted all my music from my Mac Mini, and then recopied all the music back onto the Mac Mini. I don’t have a problem with the music, just my ability to log in to Roon on the Mac Mini. I can however log in to my Roon account on the Mac Mini.


Hi @Richard_Harrison — No worries, thank you for the follow up.

Moving forward, can you verify for me if you have back up of your Roon DB saved anywhere? If you do, have you tried restoring from it yet? Furthermore, when you deleted Roon, was the entire Roon folder removed/deleted from your “library” folder?

" I could not sign in once I got the computer up and running, so I deleted Roon and downloaded it again."


I no longer have the back-up of my music, as I have the entire library stored on an external hard drive. To try to get it working I deleted Roon from my apps and then emptied the trash, and the same for my music. I then started all over again by recopying all my music, and by doing a fresh download of Roon

@Richard_Harrison — In order to start completely fresh you will want to delete your Roon folder from the following directory:

  1. Open Finder and click “Go” in the top bar.
  2. Hold down the Alt key to unhide the Library folder.
  3. Click the Library folder.
  4. Find and delete the Roon folder (or RoonServer, if applicable).
  5. Once deleted, launch Roon, sign in, and configure a new install.

Just reminder that performing this process will completely wipe out the database, so any edits etc that have been made will be lost, but by the sound of it you are ok with this. Furthermore, I would strongly recommend taking advantage of our automated backups feature as this will ensure that you do not lose any grooming you’ve done to your collection in the future.


Thanks Eric. Your last advice worked and Roon is up and running. Thanks so much for your prompt and helpful replies. I love Roon - so much better than Amarra and iTunes!!!

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