Unable to log in to Roon app and Roon Arc after successful Roon Rock re-installation (ref#4V6SJ2)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble logging in

Where are you having trouble logging in?

· I can't log into the Roon app

Describe the issue

I re-installed Roon Rock successfully. I can access it on the Web UI. However I can’t log in to either Roon app or Roon Arc

Describe your network setup

Telus modem and router, no range extenders

What device(s) are you using Roon App on (pc, mac, phone, etc)?
Have you checked your firewall on the device(s) to make sure Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe are added as exceptions?
What do you see or what happens when you try to start Roon App.
Can you post a screenshot?

Hello @anita,

Thanks for reaching out. According to our diagnostic system it looks like you were able to log in, and your Roon Server appears to be active at the moment. Is the issue solved on your end or do you still need further assistance with this?