Unable to log in to TIDAL this morning

Anyone having problems not being able to log in to TIDAL in Roon this morning? I’m able to log in when on the TIDAL website for authorization but when I’m redirected back to Roon app, it’s says I’m not currently signed in to TIDAL.

Retry doesn’t do anything. All I can do is Logout and go through the log in process again. I’m in a loop.

This is currently the situation on my Mac mini M1, MacBook Pro 16 Intel, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro 12 2018.

I am not having any issues with Tidal. East Coast US here.

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Have you tried rebooting your Roon Core, and maybe your router?

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Aargh, thanks, @Rugby - just rebooted my NUC Rock and all is good. I never have any problems with my setup so I didn’t even go through any troubleshooting before posting. Not laziness, just still waking up from my sleep. LOL.

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I am having the same issue. restarting, logging out and logging in did not fix my issue.

Start your own support thread.

Me too. Local albums and radio plays. Logged out of Roon Core and Tidal and logged back in but no go.
Pretty simple setup with Roon Core, Windows 11 and Cambridge CXN to powered speakers. As I said, it is only Tidal that is not playing

Restarting Roon Server corrected issue.

Qobuz not working either!!!

Getting Tidal login failure message from Roon this morning. Qobuz is a little intermittant also.

Started rebooted things. Restarting Roon server got everything back running. I haven’t experienced a Tidal login failure since starting the service nearly two years ago.

What happened today I wonder?

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