Unable to log in when migrating cores

I’ve been unable to “Login or Sign Up” this afternoon when trying to move my license from one server to another. Now neither of my servers are available to use. Glad I never discarded my physical music collection.

Any ETA for roonlabs’ backend servers coming back up?

I had no problems, it worked all the time.

Hi @ezman

There aren’t any backend issues at the moment that we are seeing. Are you still seeing this issue? If so can you share some details on your setup?

I was able to log in a couple of hours after posting this yesterday.

Is there any chance roonlabs could provide a URL to a very small dashboard so users could check for problems with your services instead of spending time trouble shooting their own setups?

Hi @ezman

I’m glad to hear that things are now working for you! We don’t have a service dashboard at this time, but I’ll definitely pass this feedback along to the team for future consideration.

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